Are you socially acceptable?

It’s the thought that counts
December 9, 2016

Are you socially acceptable?


Clients often ask what social media network is most suitable for their business. Which one is a non-negotiable? Which one should they avoid? Once upon a time, (a year is a decade in the world of social!) the answer would’ve been Facebook, with the other main platforms tending to be more niche.

It’s no longer quite so cut and dried, but you can’t argue with the stats. Facebook is still the most popular social network with 75% of users spending over 20 minutes a day engaging with it.

With time becoming our most precious commodity, people look to a single source for their information. This is now the Facebook news feed. By scrolling, we keep up to date with breaking news, local events, the latest trending viral video, and our friends’ holiday in Vanuatu. In short, people value Facebook, so you know they’re going to be there.

Facebook’s largest demographic is 18-49 year olds. So if your market includes Millennials and GenX’ers, then you need to be here too.

As a business, if you are claiming to understand your customers or clients, you need to prove this by hanging out in the same places as they do. As part of your marketing strategy, map the personas of your target markets and be sure to include their social media habits.

Where are your competitors distributing their social messaging? Is it resonating? How many likes or shares are their posts getting? If their content is being shared to other platforms such as Instagram this will give you an idea of whether you should be there too!

Instagram is the glossy magazine of the social media world. 90% of its users are under 35 years old. 53% of its users follow brands.

The strong visual offering of Instagram provides excellent opportunities for highly visual products or services. But if this isn’t you, or you are unable to constantly provide beautiful, engaging images, don’t go there! A poorly executed presence on a social network is more of a reputational risk than none at all.

Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat are all viable platforms on the rise, but these do not have the business cred that Facebook does – yet.

Social media has transformed marketing. But don’t fall into the trap of developing a marketing strategy solely around social. Your social strategy should dovetail with your overarching marketing plan. There have been all too many examples of embarrassing social media posts going viral and undermining a company’s brand.

Lastly, social media management is time consuming. It’s not good enough to flick out average content. Your followers will soon drop off as they get irritated with your posts. Posts must be planned and regularly distributed, with a good balanced mix of curated and created content. Ensure your photography is of a high standard. And that all your images are branded.

If you’d rather stick to what you’re good at in your business, you can hire a social media specialist to set up and manage your social media. We work with our clients to develop a strategy, and then come up with a monthly plan that we execute and report back on so you can gauge ROI.

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